Wedding Officiant Questions and Answers.  As you check with other area Wedding Officiants, be sure to ask these questions.  Following each are our answers…


  • Q-What are your credentials?     A-Our Officiants did an initial ordination through the Universal Life Church and maintain that affiliation for legal purposes.  Mark Simon has also been ordained through the Universal Ministries, and is currently seeking ordination through yet another church.  When that ordination is complete, he will change his church affiliation with the State of Ohio.  Mark Simon has also been sanctioned by The New Horizon Ministry, The United Evangelical Church of America, and The Trinity Institute of Christian Counseling.  He is also an accepted member of The United Association of Christian Chaplains and Counselors International.  Our other Officiants are working on additional affiliations as well. 
  • Q-How long have you been a Wedding Officiant?     A-Mark Simon was licensed as a Wedding Officiant by the State of Ohio in 2006, and has been a part of over 700 weddings since 1987.  Since Mark has been heavily involved in the wedding business for over 30 years, he understands how the entire wedding comes together.  This is important for a Wedding Officiant to be sure all of the pieces and parts fall into place appropriately.  Pat Markland and Butch Krueger were independent Officiants before becomming part of Toledo Wedding Officiant.
  • Q-Do you have a church that we can marry in?     A-We are not affiliated with any specific church, but often use the church built into Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids.  This was a former Catholic Church and has a traditional church setting.  Contact Nazareth Hall at 419-832-2900.  You may be required to have your reception there also.
  • Q-Are you restricted to where you will go to marry us?     A-No.  For the standard posted prices, our Officiants will marry you anywhere in the greater Toledo area.  Additional fees will apply if travel is required outside of the Toledo area.  For an additional fee, we have the ability to officiate weddings in Michigan and Indiana also.
  • Q-Will you marry couples of different faiths?     A-Yes.  We believe in marriage as the union of two couples who love each other.  An individual’s personal religious preference or choice of faith should not determine whether they can extend their love into the joint union of marriage. 
  • Q-Will you require any pre-marital or religious class requirements?     A-No.  We believe that when a couple has reached the personal level of total commitment to one another, no amount of additional counseling or preparation will solidify that commitment any further.  We do have connections to professional counselors and will gladly make a referral to any couple who feels the need to seek pre-marital counseling. 
  • Q-Have you ever been to our venue before?     A-Probably, but ask to be sure.  Since Mark Simon has also been heavily involved in wedding DJ, Videography, and Photography for over 30 years, there are few if any wedding venues in Northwest Ohio that we have not been at.  If you want us to marry you in a specific church, you will need permission from that church first. 
  • Q-Will you marry couples that have been previously married?     A-Yes.  We require proper marriage certification from an Ohio Probate Court that the couple is legally entitled to marry. 
  • Q-Do you allow couples to personalize their ceremony and/or wedding vows?     A-Yes.  We have a questionaire for the bride and groom to complete, allowing them as much or as little control over their ceremony and vows.  They can write the entire ceremony, we can, or it can be handled together. 
  • Q-Do you provide any sound equipment for the ceremony?     A-Yes.  For no additional charge, we bring a small sound system with microphone so the guests in attendance can hear the ceremony. 
  • Q-Do you proved any music for the ceremony?     A-We can.  For an additional $50, we can provide all of the music, including music for pre-ceremony. 
  • Q-What are your restrictions for photography and videography?     A-None.  Your guests and/or professional photographers or videographers are welcome to move about freely during the ceremony.  We want you to have the best photos and videos of your wedding day. 
  • Q-What do you wear when you marry us?     A-We do not wear traditional religious attire.  We dress in subdued colors, normally all black with suit and tie.   
  • Q-Do you have any restrictions on what the bride and groom, or bridal party wear?     A-No.  It is not about what anyone wears.  It is about the love between the Bride and Groom. 
  • Q-What are your fees?     A-We charge $150 to sanction a marriage, $300 if you need us at a separate rehearsal, and $50 additional to provide ceremony music too. 
  • Q-Do you attend the rehearsal dinner?     A-No.  If we are hired for the rehearsal, we will coordinate the rehearsal, following a script that we create, based on your desires and wishes.  We act as a director at the rehearsal and try to get through it as fast as possible so that the bride, groom, and bridal party can go to their dinner. 
  • Q-Do you stay for the reception?     A-No.  The reception is for your family and friends.  We act as the professional that sanctions your marriage for legal purposes.  If you need us to stay and do a prayer before dinner, we will need to charge an additional fee.  We are there for the ceremony part of your wedding.
  • Q-What are your time restrictions?     A-None.  The fee you pay is for the service, regardless of the time involved.  (Within reason.) 
  • Q-Do you need a copy of the marriage license before the ceremony?     A-If you want to present this to us ahead of time, you may.  We will need it no later than by the end of the service. 
  • Q-What is the follow up procedure with the marriage license?     A-We have up to 30 days after the ceremony to present this to the Probate Court where you obtained it.  We send it “certified” to the Probate Court and we keep proof of mailing.  You need to contact the Probate Court for additional proof of marriage. 
  • Q-How far in advance should we book your services?     A-You can book as far in advance as you would like.  Your marriage date is not confirmed in our calendar until a deposit has been received.  You will receive an acknowledgement letter from us when we have received your deposit. 
  • Q-What is your cancellation policy?     A-If you cancel, you do not receive your deposit back.